ICA over for another year

I made a solemn promise to Jordon that I would start contributing, so here I am!!!  Drum roll -I will not be name and shamed- phew!!   ICA in Fukuoka was a great experience and it was fabulous to hang out socially with my friends from our Intergroup Division.  It is always socially and intellectually stimulating.  Missed some important members that that is the nature of conferences.

I just want to say that I am now the Chair of the ICA Community Task Force. This is a new Task Force put in place by outgoing President, Amy Jordon.  It is about bringing the community together at ICA not just for young scholars (which is important) but also to bring together Divisions.  The Intergroup and Intercultural reception was a tremendous success but let’s do more.  Over the next year I will be having meeting with the committee to discuss new opportunities to bring together senior, junior scholars and divisions.  Even divisions that may not seem to have anything in common.  Intergroup could reach out to any number of other divisions.

Send me ideas that you have that I can present to my committee to make Divisions come together.  I need your ideas!

Warmest wishes from a sunny but cold Brisbane



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